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As seen on NBC, CBS, ABC and featured in a nutrition segment with Dr. Mehmet Oz...

Tami’s personal story of her beloved father’s passing from heart disease; her mother’s health challenges with COPD; her brother’s liver transplant and her youngest sister’s battles with obesity and diabetes has inspired her to continue her journey of educating others about disease prevention and increasing our quality of life through proper nutrition and lifestyle choices.  As a registered nurse, she witnesses firsthand the detrimental effects of poor diet and lifestyle choices.  Tami’s goal is to have her own holistic health and nursing practice and continue on for her master’s degree to become a nurse practitioner. 


Ms. Hulcher is available for all media including TV, Radio, Internet, and co-hosting duties. She is available for keynote speaking, corporate events, school lectures (K-12, college), conferences and larger health fairs. Please be patient with our calendar as we are under construction...

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NurseTami.com    SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT SPRING 2018: Ms. Hulcher will be working with HealthVisionsMD as part of their complementary therapies team, providing health education, nutrition coaching and lectures.  She is available via Skype and/or Facetime.  Please call us for more info.

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