Featured on national TV including NBC, CBS, ABC and on EXTRA TV with Dr. Mehmet Oz for a nutrition segment.

​​​​​Nationally recognized nutritionist and health educator; formerly known as "The Queen of Health®”, Tami is a mother of three children, a registered nurse and nutritionist, guest of TV and radio, a writer and a certified vegetarian cooking instructor.  Her passions are nursing, nutrition, disease prevention, children's health and the environment.  
Tami’s personal story of her beloved father’s passing from heart disease; her beloved mother’s recent passing and health challenges with COPD;

her brother’s liver transplant and her youngest sister’s battles with obesity and diabetes has inspired her to continue her journey of educating others about disease prevention ​​and increasing our quality of life through proper nutrition and lifestyle choices.  As a registered nurse, she witnesses firsthand the detrimental effects of poor diet and lifestyle choices.  Tami’s goal is to have her own holistic health and nursing practice and continue on for her master’s degree to become a nurse practitioner.  

"It would be hard to top the enthusiasm, sincerity and energy of Tami Hulcher for promoting health and nutrition, especially in promoting health through proper diet." Dr. T. Colin Campbell, PhD, Best Selling Author "The China Study" and “Whole: Rethinking The Science of Nutrition”; Professor Emeritus Nutritional Biochemistry at Cornell University; researcher and author of over 325 research papers; featured in "Forks Over Knives"

Ms. Hulcher has been invited to become a Medical Panelist for BeatCancer.org where she will provide nutrition information for their blog and appear on their national webinars.

Ms. Hulcher has been a featured keynote speaker for various conferences and organizations including the American Heart Association, the American Cancer Society, Whole Planet Whole Children Expo, the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine, The Wellness Forum Institute, Virginia Commonwealth University, Pepperdine, UCLA, University of Richmond, Ritz Carlton/Maui, UPS, Boeing, many schools and other venues. She has served as moderator and/or panelist for various health and nutrition events.   

Ms. Hulcher has been featured on TV and radio shows including some co-hosting duties.  She has been featured on many national call-in shows and interviews and has numerous articles published in various magazines.  Tami has been featured in
Working Mother Magazine twice and was nominated for “Mother of the Year” by the same national magazine.  She was also featured on the cover of Valley Living magazine for their Mother’s Day issue.  Her oldest daughter is a registered nurse; her son completed 8 years tour of duty with the Navy and is now in the film making industry; and her youngest daughter is currently serving our Navy in Pearl Harbor, Oahu and is on her second tour of duty.

Ms. Hulcher is a member and former speaker for the Physician’s Committee for Responsible Medicine in Washington, DC working with their National Healthy School Lunch Program, previously having worked on their Heart Health Program. Tami has been on Capitol Hill participating in key events for PCRM.

Ms. Hulcher was chosen as one of two Virginia State Delegates to attend a national conference on children’s health.  A certified health educator, and a certified wellness and nutrition consultant, Ms. Hulcher also partners with healthcare professionals providing health and nutritional resources. Through this program she works with a pediatric specialist and large Autistic patient base through UCLA’s Early Autism Program.

Ms. Hulcher oversees and manages a thriving nationwide health and wellness organization by making a difference in the health and lives of thousands.  She enjoys creating national and local ‘health teams’!

A former California state beauty queen (www.TamiHulcher.com) , Tami also ran a California charity serving as their executive director, executive producer and host of their celebrity event fundraiser featuring Academy Award winner, Mr. Steven Spielberg.  Having worked with some of the top directors, producers, editors, actors and actresses in the industry, she left the entertainment industry/corporate America to pursue her own dreams of leaving a legacy for her children by making a healthy difference in the lives of others. 

Ms. Hulcher currently resides on Oahu. 

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December 1, 2019

Surviving the Holidays – Your gift to yourself

With Thanksgiving behind us and the Winter holidays in front of us, the last thing on most people’s minds are their health. We have been preoccupied with decorating our homes, shopping, cooking…the last thing we probably have thought about is “Did I eat enough fresh fruits and veggies today?” or “Did I drink enough water?”  And if you're like me, even our exercise schedule is thrown off during the Holidays so it's not surprising that our immune systems may be weakened, and we may perhaps gain a few more pounds than we'd like.  

Surviving the holidays may be as easy as 1, 2, 3:

1: Provide your body with the defenses and nutrients daily. Think fresh fruits, veggies, berries, nuts, beans…fiber!

Strive for an extra serving of fresh fruits, vegetables or berries. Plants contains thousands of immune-boosting, disease-fighting nutrients called Phyto-nutrients. In my lectures, I tell my audiences to think of PHYTOs as FIGHTING for your life. Many of these plant nutrients contain antioxidants, anti-viral and antibiotic properties.  So, load up on the phytos!

You might want to add berries to a smoothie or your morning oatmeal. As a busy nurse, I take sliced cucumbers and apples with me almost daily.  It a great way to incorporate more healthy produce, plus they help keep you hydrated, and they contain thousands of healthy plant-chemicals and fiber.

Not so ho-hum hummus: try a variety of hummuses from jalapeno to curry to roasted red pepper. Packed with protein and fiber, you can use as a dip for your favorite veggies or use as a base for healthy wraps.

Find ways to make salads FUN: have you made a salad in a jar? This is a great idea for work, kids’ lunches, potlucks.
Always place your dressing on the bottom; next heavier items such as walnuts, garbanzos, black beans, corn then layer with lettuce on top. When your ready to eat, simple dump into a bowl or large Tupperware container. You can also ‘theme’ your salads (Italian, Mexican, Greek, Vegan, etc.)

 2: Drink more water, tea and fresh juices; drink less sodas, alcohol and sugary drinks

If you can simply remember that sugar suppresses the immune system and feeds cancer, you can see why we want to reduce consumption, especially during the holidays when our sugar and sweets consumption is high. I did a national TV nutrition segment for Extra where I was chosen as a “Life Changer”. I was doing a sugar segment for Halloween and was paired with Dr. Mehmet Oz, where I showed how many packets of sugar are in our commonly consumed foods and beverages. I also demonstrated the ill-effects of sugar on our immune system. Getting the ‘amen’ from Dr. Oz validated my segment.

Strive for more water, usually half your body weight in ounces: for example - if you weigh 150 pounds, strive for 75 ounces of water (may include tea).  I enjoy green tea almost daily. I make my own green tea latte (hot or cold) by brewing a small pot of organic green tea. Add some soymilk and stevia if desired. Green tea is loaded with antioxidants and is rich in polyphenols that have effects like reducing inflammation and helping to fight cancer.

Avoiding a glass of wine or having a beer or two may not be easy during the holidays; for many it’s part of our holiday celebrations. So, if you are going to drink, remember they are empty calories and contains lots of sugar. Please drink extra water if you are going to drink alcohol.

Soda and diet soda are not health drinks and are not health-promoting. Soda and diet soda drive your immune system down and are highly acidic to your body. Please find other ways to enjoy your liquid intake: using a healthy fresh juice, add some sparkling water. Or make your own refreshing healthy water, by adding/floating fresh sliced fruits, berries, cucumbers, etc.

3. Take care of your body! Exercise and Rest!  

You are already probably wanting to gloss over these beneficial tips; most people see the word EXERCISE and think… “not gonna happen!” And REST… “what’s that!?”  In our best intentions and if we had optimal time and resources, 30 minutes of daily exercise of some type and daily rest and adequate sleep would be ideal.  But, hey, being a nurse and nutritionist…I’m a realist. Could I be healthier, sure!  Could you? 

EXERCISE: If you don’t have a gym membership, you can walk more. If you live in areas of winter snow, go to the mall and walk laps. Speaking of the mall, you can park farthest away from the entrance…take more steps!  Use the stairs if able. Your goal is to move a little more today than yesterday. Of course, your safety is number one, so be sure you’ve discussed with your qualified health professional. Also, be sure the parking lots are well-lit, and security is available.

REST: Oh, our bodies go through so much daily and during the holidays, we are more stressed and less rested. No wonder many people end of with the colds, flu, digestive issues and other health maladies.  Take some time for yourself; whether you must sit in your car listening to soothing music for 10-15 minutes or use one of those relaxation apps – your body needs moments of rest and recovery.  Lack of rest and sleep negatively affects your immune system and your moods.  If you have time to indulge yourself, take a bath. Eyes closed, listen to some soft music. I hear all of you busy parents and can almost see you rolling your eyes, but…

You can take time now to be well…or you will be forced to take time later to be sick.

Our bodies have the amazing capacity to heal if we give them what they need: healthy food, healthy drink, healthy thoughts, healthy movement, healthy sleep.

Making healthy choices is up to you!  As Jim Rohn said, “Take care of your BODY; it’s the only place you have to LIVE”. 

(This is a very brief article containing a few simple tips to get you on track. This information is meant for educational purposes only and is not meant to treat, diagnose, cure or mitigate any disease. Please see your qualified health care professional for more information. Or you may wish to visit our health colleagues’ websites listed in our links.)

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Tami began her career as a dancer performing in musical theatre; went on to work in film and TV, in both production and post production; to running a celebrity-backed charity; then on to running her own health and nutrition business before becoming a registered nurse. Follow Tami's steps from Hollywood to Honolulu. Please see FUN FACTS. (PLEASE PARDON OUR DUST: WE ARE UPDATING OUR WEBSITE: IF LINKS AREN'T ACTIVE - PLEASE COPY/PASTE TO YOUR BROWSER.) 

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Our mission is to protect life; to encourage; to enlighten; to enliven; to educate about healthier, clean living, proper and REAL nutrition and lifestyle changes to assist you and your family in creating and maintaining great health.  We cannot and should not always rely on our broken healthcare (SICKcare) system, when all answers to your health and nutrition concerns are right in front of you only IF you are willing to ask and to research and to keep an open mind and open heart.  There is a maze of misinformation, hype, fiction and bad advice out there; just follow the money.  I may never be rich or wealthy, yet I can go to bed each night knowing in my heart that I truly helped another person, healed another soul, saved another life and did not think about money or profit.  

"It is health that is real wealth and not pieces of gold and silver" Mahtma Gandhi

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